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The Awakening World

The Awakening World.

. . . the soul is immutable energy; it can never be destroyed; it can only be transformed.” And through great cycles of evolution, we will inevitably realize that “. . . there is absolutely nothing to transcend, but only all of Creation to unite with. – Jeffery Wolf Green

Blessed holiday musings to you during the time of year when humanity resides within the one moment called Eternity. This past weekend millions and millions of hearts participated in a celebration of Awakening. It was a time when many quietly resided within their lives, within their own pleasures and within the great deep peace that flowed from their inner beingness. My holiday wish for you is that you gift yourself with the time and space to absorb all of the Divine Light structures that are making their way here this week because of that event.

Along with the hustle and bustle of holiday socializing, kids being home, family visiting, holiday meal preparation, and last minute Christmas shopping there needs to be some “alone” time for yourself or you will miss the true holiday gift that is being distributed this week.

When I told my son and his fiancé that I had to get this article done for the week they confidently chimed that they could accurately predict the energies of the week and save me the time of composing an article. David said all I had to send out was a brief announcement that “Bull#&$@ was about to commence along with a little drama.” That is going to be true for sooo many households but not for my readers, right? You are above the usual shenanigans and mischief-making of mundane human dynamics. You are going to have the spiritual willpower to allow everyone to “be” wherever they need to be this holiday season.

As an aside here – a good tool to use whenever you begin to drift into the collective chaos and drama is curiosity. As soon as you feel the triggers begin to agitate you, well-up inside you, or anger you, simply take a moment to breathe – gather your sense of Self back – and then approach the situation with a “Wow, look at what I am doing. I was almost brought to tears because Aunt Josie asked everybody except me to a movie. Gee, that brought up a lot.” It is especially important during intense family times to stay in neutral and allow whatever comes up to simply be. Instead of engaging with the external trigger, you can go inward and become curious, and figure it all out for yourself later in the privacy of your own solitude.

This year’s spirit of the Christmas holiday is primarily very favorable – since we had a nice cosmic portal open on December 21st. The gentle light from the photon belt and the radiation from the galactic center through the portal and into our solar system will be nudging each of us to take a good look in the passion-desire mirror to figure out where we want to go in 2013. It will also be prompting us to understand more about how we operate in our subconscious universe. What that can do is have you and me link up with older issues that we thought were healed. Remember though, the journey back into distant or unknown aspects of our wounded selves is in preparation for what will happen cosmically in the new year. We need to gain the knowledge of those old wounds and pains to make room for some expertise stellar information that wants to land in our crown chakras.

If you experience waves of emotional intensity, headaches, joint aches and pains, pressure on top of the head, or stiff neck and shoulders, it is probably due to the approaching installation of star wisdom. We already know that inter-dimensional worlds of energy exist that can meet on the physical plane when an anniversary date arrives or when the planets align in such a manner as to permit a portal of light to stream through from another time-space continuum. Ancient knowledge cannot be taught – it can only be triggered by the quality and nature of the light on which it travels through the universe. This week you will be gifted with energy packets of information (in the form of light structure matrixes) placed in your crown chakra that will serve to awaken your sleeping solar consciousness.

Solar Consciousness is the intelligence that cannot be bound by linear or gravitational perceptions. It is very powerful because it is Source energy pulsating from the galactic center of the universe through our sun and then into our crown chakras – and thus our 3rd eye and mind. It extends us to the web of creation. Take a moment and imagine the sun shining on your face. Now imagine your human solar consciousness eclipsed by the Light of 1,000 suns hitting your third eye and unfolding like a lotus. Get it? This universe is unfolding to us as our dear Milky Way Galaxy travels through the photon belt and stations in alignment with the vibrations of the Central Sun or galactic center.

This blockbuster, mystical energy will have a direct influence on the brain, both conscious and super-conscious lobes, the pituitary, and pineal glands so that you can better merge the two worlds of third and fifth dimension. The shift of ages that surrounds your days is going to be taken up a notch next year and you need to be able to flourish in your New environment so you have been recently urged to create healing for out-dated suffering so that the luminescence of forgotten curiosity can grow and uncover hidden information about your Truest nature. There is hope that this new light from the stars and solar council will usher in the fifth dimensional world of cosmic consciousness and natural law to planet earth.

The current year has reinstated quite a few primal Soul desires into the collective quantum mind. In the United States it has been externalized as the populace demanding solutions to worn out, inefficient political, educational, economic and religious institutions. Old drama has been pushed into the light of day and our waking consciousness, the exclusive policies of the elite patriarch will no longer be able to withstand the revelation of the New emerging aliveness. Economic issues will clearly be the topic of the coming year, and a solution will be demanded by the common people.

We are just beginning to recognize the extent of our potential as a species. Finding and living your potential is going to become one of your “Top 5″ goals in 2013 whether you are consciously aware of it or not because we now reside in an energetic environment that supports us when we are thriving in the enjoyable rhythms of our unique Spirit/Soul. This requires a 180° shifting of our lifestyles, in which we put an end to the tick-tock madness that does nothing but alarm the mind, fetter the heart, and leash us to the demands of a pressure-cooker external world.

Again, as individuals, as societies and as global inhabitants we receive the best Christmas gift that could be given this week! The Earth’s energy grids and our crown chakras will be harmonized with some champion stellar teachings that will assist in shifting our auric fields so that we are more in sync with our Infinite Nature. Aren’t you glad to know that your spirit senses, your innate ability to perceive subtle energies, and gather knowledge from unseen and non-linear dimensions is being uncovered?

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Exploring the Subconscious with Dowsing

Know thyself. That good advice goes back all the way to the days of Plato and Socrates, and the ancient Greek inscription at the Temple of Delphi. But sometimes, knowing yourself is a lot harder than it should be, especially if you are out of touch with what is going on at the subconscious level.

Even though our conscious, rational mind determines what choices we make in life, the hidden part of ourselves, our subconscious mind, is equally important. If these two halves of your mind are out of sync, you may find that everything becomes more difficult. Illnesses, accidents, anxieties, and fears are some ways the subconscious tries to get our attention. If your subconscious doesn’t agree with what you’d like to do, making changes becomes nearly impossible.

Dowsing is the perfect tool to talk to the subconscious mind and find out what’s going on beneath the surface. In many ways, it’s like the old-timer walking a field with a forked stick, trying to find water. In this case, you will use a pendulum to explore the subconscious and try to strike those deep veins of truth that are flowing beneath.

A pendulum can be anything that can dangle in a balanced way on a chain or string. Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand and tell yourself, “Show me a yes.” You are programming yourself to recognize a positive answer. My yes response is a clockwise circle, but yours may move counter clockwise or back and forth. Once you’ve established your yes, ask for a no. It may take some time to get your pendulum moving with just your thoughts, but you’ll eventually find that it gets easier with practice. For more help in learning to dowse, see my book, Intuition in an Instant.

Once you become comfortable with dowsing, you will have a valuable tool to help you explore your hidden motivations, much like a therapist might in a counseling session. You will want to get in the habit of talking to your subconscious on a regular basis. To do so, take a few moments to center yourself. Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Once you are in a relaxed state, hold your pendulum and ask if you can connect with your subconscious mind. Then ask yourself for the name of your subconscious. This will help you access your subconscious more easily. Once you have a name, use your pendulum to confirm that this is what your subconscious wants to be called. In general, you may find it best to talk to your subconscious as if you were talking to a child. Be gentle with yourself and offer thanks for all the hard work it has been doing on your behalf. Then be quiet and ask what it is feeling. Something might come to mind quickly, an emotion or a thought. If you are having problems with a particular project or goal, you might want to check in with your subconscious and use your dowsing skills to explore what’s going on. Deep-rooted blocks, false assumptions, and self-limiting attitudes can be buried deep in the subconscious. First you have to identify these blocks, and then you can begin to release them with the help of your pendulum. For instance, if you determine that the phrase, “I don’t deserve,” is rooted in your subconscious, you can do a clearing to help erase that from your mind.

Get settled in your favorite dowsing place. Take a few moments to center yourself and take a few deep, complete breaths. Calling upon your higher self to assist you, say out loud or to yourself, “I ask my higher self to examine my subconscious mind and remove the blocks that are related to ______ (the negative statement). Fill the space that is created with love and whatever I need most at this time.”

Dowse again to check and see if the block remains. If it does, you can talk with your subconscious and present reasons why that statement is false. Someone who deep down feels she doesn’t deserve all the success she has experienced might say to her subconscious, “We do deserve all the good we have in our life. We have worked hard to achieve our goals. We are a good person and we always try our best.” Then dowse to see if the subconscious is now ready for a clearing, and repeat the process.

Another way to use dowsing to interact with your subconscious is when you want to make a major change in your life. If you are calling on willpower to lose twenty pounds, or quit smoking, or tackle a big project, check to make sure your subconscious is in agreement. If your subconscious doesn’t want the change to happen, most likely it won’t. That is worth repeating: you will not be successful in reaching your goals unless your subconscious is open to the idea.

Anytime you call upon willpower to make some sort of change, you are using your logical, rational, conscious mind to set it in motion. You will spend a lot of time thinking about your goal, perhaps drawing up a detailed plan that you can put into action. You tell yourself, “I can do this. I will put these steps into action and I will succeed.” But there are many times when that’s not enough. Is it lack of willpower, or is it a tug of war between the conscious and subconscious mind?

As a dowser, you have a distinct advantage. You can get in touch with the underlying motivations and beliefs of your subconscious simply by asking questions and using your pendulum.

Start by asking, “Are there subconscious blocks to this goal I would like to achieve?” If you get a positive response, you can follow with other questions to understand what exactly it is, and then clear it. Call upon your higher self to assist you with removing whatever obstacles the subconscious has placed upon this goal.

Understanding what is going on inside the subconscious mind is a good place to start dowsing, because the process helps to remove obstacles—both to the goals we want achieve and to the intuition we want flowing in our lives. The clearer we are, the more accurate our dowsing will be. That journey starts by “knowing thyself.”

Llewellyn Worldwide – Articles: Exploring the Subconscious with Dowsing.

Kathryn Klvana Kathryn Klvana
Kathryn Klvana is an actress and writer. Her voiceover work includes documentaries for National Geographic Explorer, The Learning Channel, and the Discovery Channel. Kathryn teaches dowsing in the Washington, DC area, and has presented dowsing workshops…  Read more

The Energies of March; Uriel Heals

All I can say about February is ‘What happened?’ It was a strange month energetically and it flew by so quickly that just as we settled down to do one thing, it was time to do the next. This year will be like that, there will be periods when time goes by very quickly and other times will go more slowly. For many February was a month of strange weather too, which kept many people indoors, isolated at times, a sort of enforced time out so they could absorb and process some of the big energy downloads we received this month.

March will be a little easier in terms of the weather as the snow melts, spring begins to arrive and the ground thaws. I’m already seeing crocuses in my garden even though they are now hidden beneath the snow. We have some planned energy downloads coming, but I see them as arriving on Mondays and being dispersed throughout the week, with a rest on the weekend until the next one begins the following week. So the energy downloads are not finished, but they will be more regular and more predictable, at least for the month of March.

We also have the equinox on March 20 which is the astrological new year and a powerful time. But what is different about this year’s equinox is that we have been preparing for it since January and certainly all of February. If you look at what is happening in the world, specifically in the Middle East, there is a lot of balancing going on. By March 20 most of the countries involved in this will have come to agreements with their people and there will be a greater and more equitable distribution of power. And we will see this in our lives, as March completes the release cycle we have experienced in February, allowing the old, dense energy to float away and replace it with a brighter, clearer and more balanced expression of our light.

This year so far has been about releasing that which no longer resonates with us, setting new intention and energetic connections and learning to live in the present instead of the past. These energies we see on a global level are being mirrored in our lives, with a sometimes not-so-gentle push to continue to release those things that do not serve us. Self forgiveness is a big issue for March, as is remembering that we have no control over what others’ do and when we shift our energies in response to our soul’s call for transformation we allow everything that does not resonate at our new energetic level to fall away. If we try to hold on to things we no longer need to experience, March will be a difficult month. The theme for this month is to surrender to the moment, find our center and whatever is still with us is what should be there. Have a great month.

Copyright ©2011 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. This material is protected by US and international copyright now and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, are included.

The Energies of March > Uriel Heals.

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