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What Is Your Destiny?

What Is Your Destiny?


Each and every one of us has a destiny in life, a purpose that our soul has come here to serve. There are a few ways in which we can determine what our destiny is.

According to author, Doreen Virtue, our destiny in life may not necessarily be something that we would make a living from. A simple way that we can determine what our destiny is is to ask ourselves what we would continue to do if we were to win a multimillion dollar lottery.

Another way to determine what our destiny is is to use Numerology. The philosophy behind Numerology is that everything that exists is simply energy. Even scientists have proven this in experiments. Numerology is a numerical representation of the energy that exists in our life. We can learn a lot about ourselves and others through Numerology. We can even discover what our destiny or soul purpose is by using it.

In order to discover what our destiny is by using Numerology, we first need to determine what our Destiny Number is by converting the letters in our name to numbers by using the following chart. Our name exactly as it appears on our birth certificate should be used.


                                    1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9

                                    A         B          C         D          E         F          G         H          I

                                    J          K          L         M          N        O          P         Q          R

                                    S         T          U         V          W        X          Y          Z


Once we convert all of the letters of our name to numbers, we must then add the numbers together for our first name, then middle name, then last name. If the total that we get is a double digit number, we add the two digits together to get a single digit. If, however, the total that we arrive at is an 11, 22, 33, or any other double digit repeating number, we do not reduce the number down to a single digit. The reason being is that the double digit repeating numbers are Master Numbers that vibrate at a higher energy vibration than the other numbers. More is expected of individuals with Master Numbers in their Numerology charts. For example, Master Numbers appear in the charts of most celebrities due to the worldwide stage from which they reach a large audience of people.

As an example, we would calculate the Destiny Number for Jane Doe Smith as follows:

J A N E               D O E               S M I T H

1 + 1 + 5 + 5        4 + 6 + 5          1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8


12                          15                     24


3                            6                       6 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6

From this example, Jane Doe Smith’s Destiny Number is the number 6.

There also exists a second method that we may use to calculate the Destiny Number. I often use this second method to check for hidden Master Numbers. Again, Master Numbers in Numerology vibrate at a higher energy vibration, and therefore, more is expected of individuals who have a Destiny Number that vibrates at the Master Number level. The second method that I use simply entails adding the numbers of one’s name straight across without stopping to get individual totals for the first name, middle name, and last name. For example, we would use this method for Jane Doe Smith as follows:

J A N E               D O E               S M I T H

1 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 4 + 6 + 5 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 = 51 = 5 + 1 = 6

From our example, while using the second method, Jane Doe Smith’s Destiny Number is not a Master Number.

I would recommend that you use both methods that I illustrated (getting individual totals for the first name, middle name, and last name, and also, simply adding straight across) to accurately determine your destiny.

Once you arrive at a grand total for your name, read the appropriate description below for your Destiny Number.

1 = You are destined to be a leader. You may also experience innovativeness or business development.

2 = You may become some sort of an intermediary or liaison, or you may counsel others or give them advise. You may find yourself playing the role of keeping things fair among the people as would a lawyer, referee, mediator, or any other role that entails keeping things fair or harmonious. You may also be a natural healer or may find yourself working in the medical field.

3 = You may be destined to use your creativity or written communication skills. You may also find yourself encouraging, inspiring, or uplifting people or bringing enjoyment to people. You may also find yourself selling or promoting products or services.

4 = You may eventually find yourself in a managerial position or in a position in which you must pay attention to details. You may be involved with organizing or putting systems into place. You may work to build solid foundations for the future.

5 = You may find yourself in a position of promotions or sales. You may experience a lot of change. You may also travel considerably.

6 = Your destiny may be one that involves family. The number 6 as a Destiny Number can also manifest as being involved with nurturing or caregiving. You may be involved with the community, charity work, or animals. Your destiny may also involve beautifying your surroundings or home or the surroundings of others such as landscaping, interior decorating, or anything else that involves beautifying surroundings.

7 = Your destiny may involve working in a technical job, something that involves research and development, inventing new products, or education. Since the 7 is also a highly spiritual number, depending on where you are on your spiritual path, you could be involved with spiritual or Metaphysical endeavors, gaining spiritual or Metaphysical knowledge or education, or spiritual growth. Your destiny may also involve religion.

8 = You are destined for success. You may be destined to become an executive. You are probably also destined for financial and material success. You may dress for success and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Depending on where you are on your spiritual path, you may be involved with endeavors related to expanding the mind such as Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Meditation, or anything else that entails working with the mind.

9 = You may win awards or receive recognition. You may also experience success, rewards, and financial abundance. Your destiny could entail singing, acting, international business, philanthropic work, or healing.

Master Numbers (If your Destiny Number is a Master Number, you may also read the description for the second number after the slash to determine your Destiny Number in addition to reading the description for the Master Number itself.):

11/2 = You may be destined to be an inspirational leader that uplifts others and helps to transform their lives. You may even find yourself using your intuitive abilities and teaching abilities to help people. Your destiny may even entail social work, medical work, or politics.

22/4 = You may experience financial abundance, and your desires may easily manifest into reality. You may experience a lot of success or even recognition or fame. You may even build something that gains legendary status. The 22/4 is also the number of actually physically building things. Therefore, you may even be involved with that as well.

33/6 = You may find yourself spreading love to others through your work or communicating with others a lot. People with the 33/6 as their Destiny Number are on the planet to serve as messengers of love. You may also use a lot of creativity. Your job or career may also entail serving others.

44/8 = This number tends to cause people to experience problems with financial debt or problems with the government. For example, I have seen people with this number in their Numerology Charts to experience spending beyond their means, credit card debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure, not having enough money to pay property taxes, tax evasion, etc.

55/1 = People with the 55/1 as their Destiny Number may experience many psychic and intuitive abilities that go beyond the 3rd dimension (3D) Earth such as: Clairvoyance (seeing beyond the 3rd dimension/3D); Clairaudience (hearing beyond 3D); Clairsentience ( feeling beyond 3D); Clairgustance (tasting beyond 3D); Clairalience (smelling beyond 3D); Clairempathy (feeling what others feel); Mental Telepathy (sending and receiving thoughts through the mind); Premonitions; ESP (Extra Sensory Perception); Prophecy; Kinetic Energy (moving physical objects without touching them physically and without intending to move them); Psychokinesis (moving physical objects without physically touching them when intending to move them); Psychometry (touching an object and being able to feel the energy that has been absorbed by the object); and other psychic phenomena.

66/3 = People with the 66/3 as their Destiny Number may experience nurturing and taking care of children, family members, or animals. They may also be quite involved in their community or in charitable causes. They may prefer to stay home. The home is their haven. Because the 66 can also be reduced down to a 3, they may also possess much ability in written communication. They may also possess creative abilities.

According to the book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Numerology”, by Kay Lagerquist, Ph.D. and Lisa Lenard, the following are the descriptions for Master Numbers 77/5 – 99/9:

77/5 = People with the 77/5 as their Destiny Number may achieve inner wisdom by going within. They may also experience learning to make decisions according to spiritual principles.

88/7 = People with the 88/7 as their Destiny Number may go through a spiritual awakening. They may also learn how to control their thoughts and emotions. They may also learn how to correctly use material resources.

 99/9 = People with the 99/9 as their Destiny Number may achieve purity of the mind and body so that they can serve humanity in a major way. They assume burdens for humanity. They may also find themselves in the position of being the leader of other leaders or the teacher of teachers. This person may transform him or herself and also transform others.

Copyright 2013, (the website that this material came from)

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