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The alternative to the truth.

The Reiki Blog

“The alternative to the truth is silence.”

NOT lying, please note. This has been my life’s guiding principle. Before opening my mouth, I have tried to remember to ask myself “Is this true? Is it hurtful? Does it need to be said? Is it helpful?”

I can’t say that my success rate has been as high as I’d like. I can manage anger pretty well; I just write an e-mail and don’t send it, or a post and don’t post it. It’s when I’m really disturbed about something or think something’s important and address that in a post that I fall down. It never occurs to me that the subjects of my posts would even know about my blogs, since I never identify them, much less be bothered to read them, that gets me in trouble.

For example, to my knowledge, my partner, Rob, has never read even one of…

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ButterflyMoms's Blog

ss4Dearest BFMs,

For years I’ve been hearing about the SUMMER SOLSTICE (SS) but not really understanding what it was or why it mattered so I started doing a l’il diggin’. Here’s some cool info…

SS is also called:        -Litha                 -Midsummer                -Alban Heruin

The SS is the longest day of the year BUT only if you are in the northern hemisphere of our planet. Today the North Pole is tipped more toward the sun than on any other day of 2013. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, like Brazil and Australia, then it’s the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice! Pretty wacky! So when we are talking about the SS it only applies if you are living ABOVE the equator.

ss3On June 21 or 22 (or December 21/22 in the southern hemisphere) – the sun…

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Me, Myself & I

Make It One

Deborah Ailman

35920022Make it one. Each day concentrate on what would bring you closer to your goal and do it. One thing. Make it a habit. Set aside even a few minutes in your day to concentrate on what you want and take a step to bring it closer.

For each step you take WILL bring it closer until it is in your hands. Make the time to help make your future the way you want it to be.

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Overcoming Writer’s Block

The Science of Finding Lost Things

She has some very Good tips !!

RealityShifters Blog

Cynthia Sue Larson

How to Find Lost Things with Quantum Jumping 

While I do my best to stay organized in order to minimize misplacing or losing things, every now and then something manages to get misplaced… and sometimes by the time I discover it’s missing, I need it right away. I’ve also noticed that I’m most likely to notice something missing when I’m in a hurry to go somewhere and don’t have a lot of time to search.


The first step in finding something that’s gone missing is to conduct a basic search, making sure that it’s not actually right nearby and we somehow missed it. A good basic  search involves:

(1) Retrace your steps to where the item was last seen and where it might have traveled,

(2) Ask anyone nearby if they’ve seen it,

(3) Ask the item to show itself by asking aloud a question…

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Love Personified – Bill and John

Tasithoughts' Weblog

Spanning 54 years, where their love was not accepted by most , but survived all of it. William Campbell and John Hilton embody the universal true love story.  This month marriage equality is being considered by the highest court of the United States, in a country that is still divided over the issue.


The story of Bill and John is the human story behind all of it.  Love letters through the war, support during college years, living life, caring during sickness and finally death. Yes, Bill passed away before the right for same sex marriage was passed in New York.

Their love lives on now forever.  Meet Bill and John.

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