Is tap water bad? What type of water is best to drink? | Organic Soul

Is tap water bad? What type of water is best to drink? | Organic Soul.

Water is the essence of life.  All water that we drink is the same from chemical perspective; H2O.  Yet, there are so many different types of water and water purification/filtrations systems on the market.  So what is the best type of water to drink?

First of all, water is not just a substance that we take into our body for hydration.  Water is a universal solvent.  This means that it can carry elements within it.  Many of these elements are essential for healthy function.  For example, if you put salt (NaCl) in a glass of pure water, it dissolves.  The same is true when water in nature comes from springs or aquifers, percolating  through the rock and earthen soil.  This also occurs when precipitation falls and water flows down mountain streams and accumulates in lakes, or flow into rivers and finally to the ocean.  This water carries essential elements that it moves through and/or over that dissolve within it.

While our municipal water systems do their best to keep our drinking water clean, they can sometimes over treat the water with elements like chlorine and fluorine, both of which are considered toxic to our bodies in high doses.  So while tap water may not be bad for you, it certainly is not my first choice when I recommend water for my patients to consume.

I recommend drinking spring water or artesian/well water that is from a clean source and not stored in thin plastic containers that can leach the plastic into the water.  I make sure that people know that drinking water is not really the best choice either.  For the most part, this is dead water that has been treated by removing most or all of the essential elements that make water a good conductor for electricity.  We are electric beings by the nature of charged particles that we are made of.

If you are going to drink tap water, make sure it is filtered with a carbon filtration system.  If you are questioning the quality of your tap water, have it tested both at the intake into the house and at the faucet.  Sometimes old piping can deteriorate and leach into your water supply in the house.

If you were to ask someone 50 years ago to buy a bottle of water, they would have laughed at you.  The reality is, our world has changed and so has our water supply.  Be conscious and aware of what you are drinking when it comes to water.


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