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From Contrast to Commitment


You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

You’re on your own. And you know what you know.

You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

– Dr. Seuss

“Contrast” is the vivid difference between what you are experiencing and what you wish you were experiencing. In other words, contrast is that discontent you feel when you put your attention on what you have created but no longer want. Some examples are: not having enough money, living with physical pain, and feeling grief from the loss of a relationship. These contrasts don’t feel good at all. Then again, they are not supposed to.

What they are supposed to do for you is two-fold: 1) tell you that the thoughts you are thinking are not helpful, and 2) increase your desire for something better.

A lot has been said by Abraham, Paul, and others including me, about using contrast to pivot to what you do want. So let’s look at increasing your desire for something better. But let’s pull way back and look at a very large picture of it. Let’s look at it as a part of your overall plan for growth over several lifetimes.

Currently the awareness of the planet is shifting to “a higher state of consciousness.” Part of this shift is that more and more people are learning that they, not their circumstances, are the one who determines their experiences. Another way of saying this is that more and more people are leaving a reality that is based in victimhood and are taking control of what they experience. They do this by choosing their thoughts and allowing the Law of Attraction to organize their experience.

Yet being immersed in victimhood is a very safe and comfortable state of being. Why? For one thing, it was how our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents (and we ourselves in past lives) lived. It is how our social, political and religious structures are oriented. It is “normal” to believe that bad things can accidentally happen to you and that social, political, or religious systems can save you when you can’t save yourself.

For another thing, victimhood is safe because no one (including you) is pointing the blame for your problems at you; you aren’t the one who needs to change. Our medical system is based on the concept that you can get broken and they can fix you. Germs that you cannot possibly control may invade you and make you sick. Bad people may prey on you. You can get hit by a truck. And this is very “safe” because no matter what happens, it’s not your fault.

But what if there were only you? What if your thoughts created everything? Then everything – the good and the bad – are all your creations. The responsibility may be scary. It may feel uncomfortable, uncertain, and unsafe.

Still, you as Source Energy know that taking control of your experience is your birthright. It is your natural, true, and liberated state – if only you could learn how to do it to your own liking!

So this is the challenge before you, a hardy and brave soul between lives, as you are about to choose your next body and circumstances. How do you move from a very comfortable “victimhood” experience – one that you have used for many lifetimes, in fact since the beginning – into a very new experience of self as empowered? The trick is, you choose life circumstances where taking the role of victimhood is more uncomfortable than embracing a new way of thinking.

So, brave and hardy soul that you are, you choose your parents, your body type, and your circumstances in such a way that you will become uncomfortable.

Here in this lifetime, we are uncomfortable – in contrast – about money, health, or relationships. So we attract the idea that thoughts create our experience and we hear about the Law of Attraction. But is it time to engage ourselves and commit to making the new system work for us? Will we jump into the unknown and invest in ourselves?

Often we figure we will do it later, when we get better, get more money, or find that special someone. But by focusing on what we don’t like, we bring on more contrast and it becomes even more painful. And we may continue to do this — increase our discomfort levels — until we finally get sick-up-and-fed and say “Screw this! I’m taking control of my life no matter what my situation and no matter what it takes.”

Every day, someone makes the leap and decides to move into the vision of their new life in spite of all the things that seem to be wrong with the old one. For others, they wait another day to see if their life will get fixed somehow. As Abraham would say, “Don’t worry, it will get worse.”

The most important thing is, you are already perfect. Nothing about you is broken. Taking control of your life is simply remembering that you are a being of light and love – and as such you are already a powerful creator. You created all your good and, yes, your bad. But you can just as easily – no – more easily, because the Universe and everything in it supports your becoming more of who you really are – uncreate the things you don’t like.

How? By choosing, imagining, and allowing your new life to come to you. By remembering who you really are. By bringing people into your space who resonate with this.

My name is Chip Engelmann and I have made this commitment. I have also dedicated my practice to helping others who choose to make this commitment to overcome their emotional, mental, and physical blocks so you too can remember that you are and always have been a being of light and love and a master manifestor.

(Photo to the right is a mountain of $100 bills. Each bundle wrapped in brown tape is 50 of them equaling $5000. This mountain was the prize in the Great Guru Giveaway.)

(c) 2011 Chip Engelmann

From Contrast to Commitment « ChipEFT on….

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