Energy’s Soul Mission Soul Sharings

Energy’s Soul Mission Soul Sharings.

Some days our minds are cluttered with unwanted thoughts.  Endless, negative preoccuptaions and worries steal away our precious energy and leave us drained at the end of the day.  Take this moment to reflect on your anxiety-provoking thoughts.

Now imagine that you are writing them down on little pieces of paper. Once you have a sufficient stack, in your mind take a walk to the nearest river. At the river’s edge, toss out your harassing thoughts, one by one, saying good-bye to each one. Watch the current carry your worries, like delicate leaves, down the river.

Notice each nagging thought drift away and out of sight. use this river to dump our any unwanted anxiety. Return to it whenever you need to empty your mind.

This is a excerpt from ‘five good minutes’,by Jeffery Brantley, MD and Wendy Millstine. I had never heard of this book until I was the lucky receipent of it as a present from a very good friend.  The thought provoking insights have often changed my mindset and I thought I could share this one today.

Enjoy! 🙂

And once again, Thanks K.O.!


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* I am always growing and changing... * Always searching for knowledge... * With every lesson I acquire, I realize knowledge is freedom... * The more you learn about other cultures, other beliefs... * The less you judge and distrust... * Then as you accept the freedom of acceptance... * One encounters LOVE and APPRECIATION for every soul one encounters on their life journey.

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